New Year’s Lunch 2019







Welcome aperitif


Duca di salaparuta Brut




Snapper tartare with fennel brunoise,
sweet&sour pumpkin veils and green fresh curly celery




Home made smoked mackerel on aromatic herbs scented organic white Caltanissetta lentils cream
Malvasia Secca – Lantieri




Carnaroli rice with artchokes squids and prawns,
with Robiola Girgentana cream cheese
Femminello Siracusano d.o.p. lemon scented






Pacchero pasta stuffed with Cardoncelli mushrooms,
crispy crumbles of original Palazzolo Acreide Sausage and
Parmigiano Reggiano cheese fondue
with Datterino Tomato sauce


Terre Kalai – Az.Agr.Torre Favara




Roasted umbrine on jerusalm artichoke cream
and winter vegetables


Chocolate semifreddo
on orange flavoured milk cream


and a mousse of hazelnuts and rum








We produce and serve our bread and flavoured breadsticks


Panna natural mineral water


San Pellegrino sparkling mineral water



€ 60,00 each

New Year’s Lunch 2019


Viale Mazzini, 12 - 96100 Siracusa (SR)

Phone: 0931 464600