New Year's Eve Dinner 2018


                                        NEW YEAR’S EVE DINNER


Welcome aperitif
Finger food show at the hotel lobby


Le vigne di Alice – Prosecco Valdobbiadene d.o.c.




Table service


Typical chickpea flour and wild fennel seeds sandwich
with salt cod and jerusalem artichoke mousse
on a black berry vinegar red beet decoration


Ciuri – Terrazze dell’Etna




Tosazu rice vinegar cold flavoured small lobster
on a crispy vegetables brunoise and Finger Lime citrus caviar




Carnaroli rice with turnip tops, Mazara red royal prawn
and butter and ginger seared scallops


Catarratto – Porta del Vento 




 Potato pearls in smoked capon broth
and sicilian uncinatum black truffle flavoured base


Perricone – Porta del Vento




Gilding amberjack fillet with sea snails,
glasswort on a purple potato mousse


                                                Pomegranate sorbet


 “ Le Canard Sectionnè”


Susucaru Rosso – Az.Agr. Frank Cornelissen


                                *** Well-Wisher Cotechino and lentils***




 Carob creamy pudding and chestnut ice-cream
with hazelnuts crumble


Malvasia Passito delle Lipari “Lantieri”


                                        Artisanal Panettone Fiasconaro

                           Mumm Cordon Rouge  – Champagne




Musical Entarteinement by Cheryl Lo Manto Quartet








We produce and serve our bread and flavoured breadsticks


Panna natural mineral water


San Pellegrino sparkling mineral water




€ 190,00 each

New Year's Eve Dinner 2018


Viale Mazzini, 12 - 96100 Siracusa (SR)

Phone: 0931 464600