Easter 2017 in Ortigia: our menu



Salted codfish fillet dressed in black sesame on a mixed pepper sauce

Pitars prosecco


sea bass cannellone with asparagus, buffalo milk mozzarella shots

and scrambled eggs on peas puree

Grillo, Modus Bibendi


Farmers risotto rich in spring aromas

with ginger and tangerine marinated tuna carpaccio


Thyme flavoured Tumminia bread filled raviolo,

borage and ricotta in artichoke light broth with sicilian black swine ham

Nero d’Avola, Modus Bibendi


Amberjack twist with herbs breading, lemon sauce and garlic flavoured agretti


Lightly smoked shin of calf with beer and green apple sauce,

champignon-mushrooms au gratin and rosemary flavoured potatoes



Coffee and star anise cremoso, licorice english sauce and almonds crumble

Moscato di Siracusa, Don Nuzzo



€ 60.00 per person

 Easter 2017 in Ortigia: our menu


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