Good food and good living

A seducing frame of ineffable beauty.

Quality and Welcome

In order to give to a restaurant the explicit name "La Terrazza sul Mare" (The Terrace on the Sea), nothing else needs to be made up: in fact, a quick look to the pictures is enough to understand the atmosphere of the place. Furthermore, there is the welcome, that in Sicily is almost a religion: the chef and his staff will take care of everything, making you live enjoyable moments strengthened by a cuisine of other times, in a seducing frame of ineffable beauty. We find ourselves in Ortigia, a small little island linked to Syracuse and directly reachable by car; Here we can admire intense sunsets characterised by the Mediterranean colours and bright lights that flood the diversities of the sea, all of that observing the Penisola della Maddalena in the distance.

Typical regional cuisine


Easter Lunch
Easter Lunch

09/04/2023 - [...]

Menù  San Valentino 2023
Menù San Valentino 2023

14/02/2023 - [...]

Menu di San Valentino 2022
Menu di San Valentino 2022

14/02/2022 - Aperitivo con amouse bouche Terrina di branzino con maionese rosso, peperone e lampone [...]

Opening time

Open every day
Light Lunch
12:00 / 15 :00
19:30 / 22:45


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Phone: 0931 464600


Viale Mazzini, 12 - 96100 Siracusa (SR)

Phone: 0931 464600